About Us

Hala Azzam PhD, MPH, CPH Biography

Dr. Azzam is founder of CoEmpower LLC. She obtained her BSc from Kings College London University, her PhD from Georgetown University and her MPH from John Hopkins University. Dr Azzam is multicultural and trilingual and is fluent in English, French and Arabic. She was the recipient of several awards including awards for research excellence, a AAAS fellowship and an NCI fellowship award.

Dr Azzam brings extensive technical and training experience. She was a Senior Epidemiologist at the Baltimore State Health Department and was Principal Investigator of an NIH Fogarty Framework grant (focused on capacity building & training), and recently finished directing a seven-year Fogarty grant in cancer prevention and control research training.

She has published articles, book chapters and reports and gave national and international invited talks and presentations. Topics covered range from liver cancer, alternative medicine and workforce development, (WFPHA Istanbul, UF), establishing international relations (Miami University), multidisciplinary approaches in climate change (IFPRI, Kenya), cancer prevention and control training program implementation (NIH), cancer and infectious diseases (Italy, Hong Kong, Egypt).

Among her acheivements: 1) promotion of GAVI immunization funding in the Central Asia Region by bringing together a team of experts to provide the needed data to inform decision-making, 2) fund-raising and the creation of a sustainable Global Health Center at the University of Maryland Baltimore, which has brought together all schools for the first time in 30 years, 3) creation of a climate change research group at the University of Florida by bringing several schools and centers and enlisting more than 40 faculty members, department chairs, directors and deans. Last but not least, Dr. Azzam has taught many students and contributed to opening up of their minds and hearts to future possibilities. When not working, Dr Azzam loves to travel and meet with crafstmen of all cultures.